Cobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical Belt – 1.5 Nylon Heavy Duty Belt


:29 Inch

Color:Aluminum / Black

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  • 100% Nylon
  • Buckle closure
  • PATENTED WORLDS STRONGEST BELT: Feel the power of Klik Belts made from the world’s strongest components. This heavy-duty nylon belt is 1.5” wide, fitting most standard tactical belt loops. These tactical belts for men are versatile enough for heavy-duty work, business casual attire, or crazy adventures.
  • QUICK RELEASE COBRA BUCKLE: The Cobra buckle has a lightning quick release. The adjustable design makes for a perfect fit every time as a concealed carry belt, military belt, work belt or nylon belt for all occasions. Equip yourself with the proper tactical gear to get any job done – a cobra belt buckle tactical duty belt.
  • MILITARY GRADE NYLON BELT: Our law enforcement gear is made with 100% nylon and made with Austrian precision. Military grade nylon belt webbing means total strength without sacrificing looks or comfort, even when running or crouching. This tactical belt is ready for your most epic adventures.
  • AEROSPACE ALUMINUM ALLOY: Each Klik belt with a cobra belt buckle is made with 7075 aluminum – the same strong metal used in aerospace. The Cobra buckle has solid brass release clips. A tactical gun belt that is both strong, comfortable, stylish and professional enough for police gear, law enforcement gear, military gear and astronauts.
  • A BELT FOR EVERY MISSION: Our tactical belt comes in a variety of colors, and sizes. Looking for an edc concealed weapons belt? Try our Double Ply gun belt that is reinforced for vertical strength, and horizontal flexibility. Need an attachment point for your cobra buckle belt? We have D-Ring Single Ply and Double Ply tactical belts


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Brian P
December 1, 2016
Easily the best belt I have worn. Holds strong; does not slip. Yes, it takes maybe an extra 3 seconds out of my action-packed day to thread the one end, but in my opinion this 3 seconds is made up by not having to find a belt hole or adjusting it throughout the day (unless I want to). No sharp edges to poke in the gut, which is important to abdominally girthy kids like me. Another thing I like-- The buckle is aluminum, so it is self-polishing as it rubs on clothes. In the few months I have had it, the luster has changed (for the better) and the edges have become a little softer. The webbing has shown no signs of fraying and has become less rigid as time has passed. On a different note-- The release buttons feel good on my fingers, so I like to play with them while I am standing and talking to people. Which also brings me to the ease at which the buckle is released and connected. The buttons have a good
February 15, 2018
This Kilk belt is a great belt for everyday wear. The buckle does not fit through the pant loops, but it is very easy to slip through the pants loops and then attach the other side of the buckle and adjust to the perfect size. Just loop through and adjust. It took me as long to put this belt on and adjust it as it would take to put on and adjust a regular belt with holes. Do not let the lower star reviews and comments saying that the belt does not fit through the pants loops deter you from purchasing this belt. In reality how many times do you switch pants everyday? And like I said before, It is VERY QUICK and EASY to put on the belt and adjust the buckle. Regarding the buckle, it is very strong and it makes a nice sounding
Horacio G
July 26, 2017
I have used this Belt for over a year now. I can say that this Belt is just awesome. I use it for work almost everyday and also for just my regular casual jeans. I sometimes have to carry heavy tools on my belt and I also use it for my holster when I go to the range. Since there is no limit to how small the belt can get, my sister used it when she went hiking. One time i used it to haul a broken tralier. I'm positive this Belt will last me for a long time
Limey Smokejumper
August 23, 2018
Being a rigger, and having made rappelling and parachute harnesses, the Cobra buckle is the excellent piece of kit it's always been. The webbing is webbing. However, the box stitching holding the female buckle could be better; and I mean stronger and not sewn so close to the edge of the material. What would set this belt apart quite easily, however, and is something that is usual when making such belts as a rigger, would be the addition of a length of 1-inch velcro to hold the tail in place to stop it from slackening. So as a fashion accessory it's fine, but it's not a true rigger's belt. And due to the belt slackening during normal wear, I'd also question its tactical description. The parts by themselves are tactical, just not the workmanship putting them together. And it's the putting together of these items that can literally mean life or death. In summary: great for a pair of jeans but not for any meaningful physical work. But easily could be with a little rework, from a local seamstress, perhaps.

FYI - I've been 80 feet up a tree watching the stitching of my harness fall apart. It was a little disconcerting so I'm a stickler for stitching; as are all riggers.
J. Miley
April 23, 2018
I was a little skeptical at first. I mean simply the discrepancy between the coast of the 'real cobra buckle' and the significantly less expensive Chinese knock-off, so I bought both. Just looking at the two the Klik uses a much better quality of webbing, more similar to seat-belt material that the cheaper fabric store webbing of the knock-off, granted if all you are using it for is to hold up pants that it won't matter how strong the webbing is, but it's there. Next is the buckle. On the surface there is very little to discern the two apart. The imitation lacks the strength notation and name, but again as a pant-keeper-upper not a deal breaker.
The biggest difference is the engagement of the buckle. This is what makes the biggest difference. The Klik is a connect and forget experience. Put the tongue in the receiver and forget about it. The knock-off frequently fails to complete the docking procedure and may look good, but slides apart while washing your hands.
Is that worth the cost difference? Not for some people, but I drink lots of water and need the security that when buckle back up that my belt stays buckled.

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