Men's Dress Belt ALL Genuine Leather Black Tan Cognac Brown 35mm All Sizes


Color:Black - All Leather

:Size 32 (Waist 30)

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  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • China
  • PROSPERITY & COMFORT MEETS TOGETHER: “Prospero Comfort” men’s belts are constructed from the highest quality of genuine leather, which ensures the quality comfortability and durability of the belt for a longer endurance and better upholding, you’ll be able to use this belt for years to come!
  • ALL LEATHER: Even the inside filler of the belt is made with real leather, in order to endure wear and tear for a long time
  • SIZE: “BE SURE TO ORDER 1 SIZE ABOVE YOUR WAIST/PANTS SIZE” Please refer to the size chart among the images for clear instructions, Prospero Comfort mens dress belts are available from size 32 to size 60 to include regular men’s sizes plus big & tall sizes, Belt Strap width dimensions is approx. 35 MM which is 1.38 inches.
  • FEATURES & DESIGN: “Prospero Comfort” genuine leather men belts features an elegant double stitching design on top & bottom with a beautiful classic smooth finish, a double loop to hold end of strap, a single prong buckle, so together with the variety of colors and sizes makes this Belts complement for dressing with any outfit to give you a sophisticated look and feel, it goes great with dress or work uniform or formal wear to be worn for everyday use and for any casual occasions.
  • ORDER WITH COMFORT. Prospero Comfort exchange policy enables you to purchase without hesitation! 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 30 days' free exchange and return policy, so don’t delay just add the Prospero Comfort Men’s Classic Stitched Belt to cart and enjoy your purchase!


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John M.
February 14, 2018
The belt fit as specified - order one size larger than your waist size and the buckle will fit in the middle of the belt holes. Every computer screen is different, but the belt was a darker brown (almost black) versus what my screen showed. It appears to be of good quality, and was delivered promptly.
Dale Brown
April 29, 2018
Better quality than my much more expensive belt from the suit store (M.W.). I would buy again.

Constructive comment for the seller: Your plastic box container is large and difficult to open. The white powder on the belt should be wiped off at the factory before shipping. You have a great product at an exceptional price. You could change the packaging and sell for 15 dollars more per unit and would still be a good value. Of course, you should always sell it to me at the original price..... :-)
Angela Sternreich
October 18, 2017
This belt was received on time and in good order. The packaging made it gift ready - I was very impressed as it was a gift for my son. He said that it fits him well and is very comfortable. He can also wear it with dress slacks or jeans. Very pleased. Will absolutely order again.
Mom of Finn
May 12, 2018
My dad asked me to get him a belt before his cruise. I didnu2019t realize there are quite a few fake belts listed as u201cleatheru201d on Amazon until I begin to read the reviews on some of my choices. This product had great reviews and my dad was very impressed with the quality and look of the belt. Will definitely purchase again!
August 25, 2018
Great belt for the money. No signs of peeling like you get with most u201cleatheru201d belts you buy from Burlington, TJ MAXX, Walmart, etc. I usually buy trafalgar belts because they are the only brand that I knew didnu2019t peel after getting sick of buying others only to find they peel. I have a cheaper brand to rely on now. Looks just like the picture.
Harold L. Vaughn
June 18, 2018
I liked the dress appearance since I plan to wear it with a suit. The inside is finished which is nice but makes it impossible to determine what the interior is made of. The description says 100% leather but that does not necessarily mean genuine leather all the way through from a single hide. It could be processed leather fibers. Time will tell. If it is processed fibers then the layers will separate at the primarily used hole with use.
Suni Eagle
April 3, 2018
My husbands waist measures 37 so I bought a size 38 which was to large. Returned it for a size 36 makes it where he can use the center hole and it fits perfect. highly recommend this belt for it's great quality.
A Customer
June 20, 2018
The size fits OK (remember to size up, as per the instructions). It looks nice. But it is a bit wide. It doesn't look as dressy as other belts.

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