Monday to Sunday Dry Erase Magnetic Calendar Whiteboard - 1612 Monthly Refrigerator Calendar Board - INCLUDES Magnetic My Lists Pad, Erasable Markers & Eraser, BONUS Magnetic Pins by Curiosity

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  • >> NO CONFUSION, NO EXCUSES - Even with today's technology, scribble on calendars are highly used to reduce stress from the daily busy life. Simple yet a significant tool - easy access, frequently viewed. 78% of households believe calendars are extremely important in their daily lives. Most of these calendars are used in conjunction with other individual ones, so whether you are a digital or paper calendar type, this will link it all and everyone together.
  • >> TURNS WORDS AND EVENTS INTO A VISUAL GRAPHIC MEMORY - 65% have visual memory which makes it easier for them to remember data show in a table, list or picture rather than just words and phrases. Using our table calendar and the to do list which are always in sight, helps you and your family visually remember what's up ahead.
  • >> THIS IS HOW YOU CAN EASILY KEEP IT TOGETHER - Don’t forget, double book and lose track of your events. This Monday to Sunday erasable calendar allows you to SEE and PLAN YOUR WEEKEND AS ONE UNIT. ADDED VALUE - get your kids to write their events, plan ahead and know what to expect - critical life skills for them to develop and a Monday start week is easier for them to follow.
  • >> ARRIVES FLAT WITH ADDED VALUE BONUSES - we did our research! 97% of bad reviews for rolled delivered dry erase boards are regarding wrinkles, air bubbles and damage to the magnet. We designed a flat box to ensure the magnetic board will arrive flat and flawless. Guarantee! Bonuses include - three dry erase markers to help enhance memory performance. Magnetic Pad - multipurpose pad for your lists. Dry eraser and 12 colorful magnet pins - All magnetic and securely attached to the fridge.
  • >> A MUST HAVE PRODUCT and a UNIQUE GIFT IDEA - with 30 DAYS WARRENTY and a great saving opportunity, you can't go wrong! BUNDLE TWO UNITS TOGETHER AND SAVE 10%! [LIMITED TIME OFFER]. - Get organized, don’t wait any longer - Buy it for you, your family and friends. Most don’t even realize they need it until they have it but this will become part of your life! Give it a try, you will love It! For any problem or question feel free to contact us!


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