PinPix decorative pin cork bulletin board made from self-healing canvas, Seemless Quarterfoil Pattern printed at 24x16 Inches and framed in Classic Mahogany Frame(WOM59504)


:16 x 16


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  • PinPix is a patent-pending canvas bulletin board created with self-healing technology that prevents any wear and tear when pricked.
  • PinPix boards are made from high quality canvas with beautiful designs you will be proud to display anywhere in your home.
  • Prick the canvas with a pin to display a recipe, photo, note or clipping.
  • Remove the pin and within the space of 48 hours this hole will mostly repair itself due to the self-healing technology of the canvas!
  • You can use it again and again, yet your PinPix board will continue to repair itself and retain almost all of it's original quality and appearance!

Size:24 x 16  |  Color:Mahogany

PinPix - Canvas Bulletin Board. Finished Size ~26 x 18 (PinPix-328-24x16_FRBW26039)


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