Portable 3 Hole Paper Punch with Ruler-Assorted Colors - Bonus Pencil Homework

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  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGNED: This hole puncher has been designed with three holes that has been created to hold a capacity 3-5 sheets. Has a 10” ruler for you to make sure that measurements are straight and perfect to fit for your needs
  • PORTABLE WHEN TRAVELING: Have it handy wherever it's needed at school, office or business meetings. Put it in your three ring binder, file or portfolio to use it either as your ruler or for paper punching. They measure 11” long
  • QUALITY: This paper punch head is made of steel. It is very slim and has a smooth grip for an easy squeeze. Colors may vary from picture.
  • VERY ORGANIZED: This puncher will help you keep your files organized, straight and neat, by just punching all your sheets or important documents and put it in a binder. They'll have all the same exact punches and same place thanks to the ruler.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are certain that the students, secretaries, or bosses are going to love this. In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with paper punch you are FREE to return your toy, within the first, 365 DAYS, post purchase and receive a FULL refund. Get Now The Best, Portable Hole Puncher, to please our customers were sending you along with your package a BONUS pencil !


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July 26, 2017
I bought 2 a year ago for two high schoolers. It was very handy to stay organized when their teachers gave them papers to put in their binders. The only problem I had with this was that it broke about 6 months into using this. The loop that goes into the rings broke off, and we created a new one using hot glue. I am not that mad about the break since we used it for so long through lots of rough use before it finally snapped.
March 14, 2016
Works well and fits nicely within a three-ring binder. Max capacity is about 4-5 sheets (depending on paper thickness). A shallow reservoir to hold the hole punches would be nice but for the price, this worked perfectly.
Lilly Collins
February 27, 2017
So far so good with this hole punch. I purchased one of these because my friends let me borrow hers (different design, but I couldn't find the exact one) and then I had to have my own. A suggestion I would make for the design, though: The holes should be on the bottom so the paper can rest flat on the bottom. The three metal punchers should be on the top flap. It's a mild complaint, though. Other than that, it punches clean holes and that's what matters. Thanks!
Amazon Customer
September 6, 2017
You're paying the right price for this product. It's conveniently sized to fit into a 1
Kelly Mungai
March 27, 2018
This hole punch is fantastic! I bought it for my daughter who is a freshman in high school. It fits perfectly in her binder and it makes her life a lot easier as she can hole punch her papers right away and put them in the appropriate notebook. It punches through several sheets of paper easily and just makes her life a little less chaotic. Every student should have one of these in their binder.
Liz Wilson
September 14, 2017
Ok, I bought one for each notebook for my middle school and high school kids. Excessive? Um, no. They are way more organized now that everything can be hole punched right at their desk and in the notebook. Lost study guides are a thing of the past! Other kids started asking about them. Super handy and they work well. A must for evey organizationally challenged person in school.
J & M's Mommy
February 24, 2017
After many years, I'm once again taking a college class where we get a lot of handouts and such. I take this with me each week and organize everything right away. It works great, I only wish the hole punches were collected rather than dropping loose. I punch them into my tote bag. I'll probably give this to my middle school daughter when my class is over. It does the job.
Amazon Customer
February 2, 2017
It's compact enough that it has a place in my 1

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