Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand Chalk White Inc. F047


Color:Black Hammertone

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  • Our flight cage makes the perfect home for multiple parakeets, canaries or finches
  • 2 Plastic double cups and 2 wood perches are included
  • Bottom grille and tray slide out for convenient cleaning
  • Durable wrought iron construction is easy to assemble
  • 31” long, 20-1/2” wide, 59-1/4” high with ½” wire spacing

Color:Chalk White

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage With Stand Chalk White F047 makes the perfect home for multiple parakeets, canaries or finches. Ergonomically designed to feature one large front door plus a bottom shelf for additional storage space, this flight cage stands on easy rolling casters and is easily moved from room to room. Two plastic double cups and two wood perches are included in this economical large cage. Finished with a durable and non-toxic powder coating, Prevue cages undergo independent lab testing and conform to the highest levels of pet safety. Our wrought iron flight cage with stand in Chalk White measures 31-inch long, 20-1/2-inch wide and 59-1/4-inch high with 1/2-inch wire spacing.


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August 29, 2018
As some others have said the assembly is difficult. I'm not very handy so based on other reviews I hired a handyman service to put it together. It took 2 men about 45 minutes (and $100) and yes, some of it was bent. Unless you're really good at assembling things you may want to buy something else.
On to the cage itself. I had bought this to move from room to room since my bird is very skittish and doesn't like vacuums, etc. Unless you're moving it on carpet it's the noisiest thing you can imagine. The wheels are small and very hard so every bump is jarring and the whole cage rattles and makes more racket than the vacuum. I have tile and rolling it over the grout lines shakes the cage, the water flies out and the bird is terrified. I only did this once.
In my opinion it defeats the whole point of a cage on wheels if you can only move it while empty. So now I'm using it as a stationary cage while I clean his other one. It's impossible to clean it with him in it because the swing door means he simply flies out when I open it and the small doors are too little to reach all the way in and reach the bottom of the cage.
I realize my situation may be uncommon so if you have very docile birds who don't mind noise and being jostled around and they don't try to fly out when you open the door it's a very nice looking cage. I just think it's very rickety and not designed very well- at least for my purposes.
Amazon Customer
October 28, 2017
The top panel piece is very flimsy, which causes it to cave in. One of the food dishes were cracked and the dividers inside the food dishes have a carved out curve in the divider making it so you can't put food and water side by side. Lots of bent bars that I had to reshape.
Amazon Customer
August 8, 2017
Very happy with this cage! It's huge! Simple set up. Sturdy enough for what I need it for. Big enough for my Jenday. I will be ordering another one for my green cheek. I didn't care for the food and water cups, but I already had stainless steel cups. I was also happy with the packaging
March 27, 2018
I have 4 parakeets in this cage and they love it! They don't even want to come out and play like they did in their previous cage
June 26, 2017
7/17/17 Update:
I still like the cage a lot. A few issues have shown themselves, however.

1) As feared, the top panel is far too weak. Since everything hangs from the top panel -- including the birds! -- it doesn't make sense to me that Prevue cheaped out on it. It's already sagging in places. Similarly, the shelf panel, while much stronger, sags in the area where I keep the bags of feed. Iu2019ve ordered a Coraplast panel to cover the shelf, so hopefully this will help distribute the weight better.

2) The feed cups provided are divided, but useless for putting both seed and water in, as the partition that divides the cup is so low you can't put much water in. It wouldn't take much splashing for a bird to get its seed all wet. I've ditched the feed cups and am using stainless steel cups. Not a huge issue, but annoying as I liked the provided cups.

3) I REALLY wish there were more horizontal bars. Since this is a cage for small birds, it doesnu2019t make sense for there to be so few horizontal bars. My budgies have a hard time climbing the cage, and are constantly sliding down before having to flap their wings to get up to the next horizontal bar. And this really does limit places to put perches (I like to butt mine up against a horizontal bar so they wonu2019t slide down, but your mileage may vary on this point).

There is only a couple of things that keep this from being a perfect cage, and most concerning to me is how flimsy the top panel is. I am worried it will not hold up for the many years I hope to use this cage. Itu2019s easy to clean, roomy, has nice utility with the wheels and shelf -- but none of that will matter if the top panel fails.


Original review:

Overall, I like the cage.

The Good:
u2022 Roomy - Iu2019ll be using it for two budgies, and it could probably fit at least two more comfortably.
u2022 Attractive (as far as flight cages go).
u2022 Easy to clean - the sliding grate and tray work great.
u2022 Nice design with shelf and rolling wheels.
u2022 Went together fairly easily -- but they should include a tip to not tighten down screws until the whole thing is assembled.
u2022 Decent cage for the money.

The Could-Be-Improved:
u2022 Wheels seem too small and cage feels unsteady/top-heavy when moved. Bigger wheels would make it feel more solid when moving.
u2022 Top is flimsy, bends easily, cannot really hold a playground of any weight, afraid bars will bend with heavier toys hanging from them (I wish the top was as strong as the shelf).
u2022 I wish there were more horizontal bars on the sides to increase toy-mounting options and also give the keets something to climb.
u2022 Not a fan of spring-loaded doors. Too easy to open, can wear out and become useless, and I worry about the potential for injury to my curious birds.

As I said, I like the cage overall. It's not perfect, but I think it will be fine for my budgies. People with bigger birds, heavy hanging toys, or birds who are escape artists might not be happy with this cage. I will update after I get the birds settled in.

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